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Text Analysis

Text Analysis or Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a way for computers to analyze, understand, and derive meaning from human language in a smart and useful way.

Sentiment Analysis

Determine positive or negative sentiment from text.This algorithm takes an input string and assigns a sentiment rating in the range [0-4].

Text Similarity

This algorithm will compare documents (can be any kind of document) and report which documents are the most similar.

Language Detector

Language Detector analyses a given text and detects the language it is written in.


This algorithm takes in raw text, either on its own, or as a set of documents, and outputs candidate tags for the text.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning is a set of mathematical approaches to teaching computers to learn based on large quantities of data, instead of human step by step instruction.

Programming Language Identification

This algorithm detects the programming language of source code with high accuracy (about 99.4% top-1 accuracy for a Github dataset).

Face Recognition

Face Recognition is a state-of-the-art deep learning algorithm that can train on human faces and recognize them later.

Image Classifier

Highly Accurate Image Classifier.

Object Detection

This algorithm is able to discover not only what's in an image, but where it is too!

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Computer Vision

Computer Vision gives us the ability to teach a computer to make meaning of the physical world through vision.

Colorful Image Colorization

Colorful Image Colorization is an algorithm that takes in a black & white photos and returns the colorized version of it.

Image Similarity

Compare two images for similarity.


Use character recognition to extract text from an image.

Gender Classification

Classifies the gender of a person in a given image.

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Deep Learning

Deep Learning is at the cutting edge of what machines can do, and developers can do.

Age Classification

Classifies the age range of a person in a given image.

Enhance Resolution

A deep convolutional neural network which up-scales images without the typical pixelation artifacts.

Illustration Tagger

Automagically tag your images.

Deep Filter

Apply artistic and stylish filters to your images.

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