Akira AI For Data Analyst

Akira AI Enabling Secure Data Pipeline with Data Integrity & Data Management

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Agent Based Architecture

Keeps your data safe on premises. Execution resides closer to the data.

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Dataflows, Not Technologies

Hundreds of integrations. Let's you focus on data flows.

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Modular & Open Platform

Customize to your needs. Extend / plug-in what you love.

Full Stack Data Integration Platform

Real-Time Event Driven, Application Integration, Hybrid Cloud, Any Data Any Source, Integrated with Business & Technical Flows


Any Data, Any Source

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Connected Things

Hundreds of millions of connected devices, appliances and sensors are generating high velocity data which, amount is increasing at an exponential rate.

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Visibility & Security

Real-Time data pipeline has to be monitored and secured to ensure integrity. Traditional data platforms have failed to serve the requirements of modern applications.


Modern Data Integration Platform

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Non-Traditional Data Sources

You are interacting with non-traditional data storage platforms - NoSQL, Hadoop, and other distributed file systems - S3, Gluster, etc. The data includes semi-structured or unstructured types - JSON, Avro, etc.

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Really Big Data

The need to process "really big data" - your data volume is measured in multiple Terabytes or greater. And big data needs more ETL. Data Analytics companies have to take lot of pain in ETL before building their solution.

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Flexibility To Adapt

Dataflows for creating and changing pipeline across tools & data stores increases operator productivity.

Powerful Solutions & Features of Akira AI Modern Data Integration Platform

Akira AI Platform enables you to Automate the infrastructure to train and deploy Deep Learning Models on Public Cloud as well as On-Premises.

    • Deploy any model in minutes
    • Advanced Monitoring
    • Autoscale to match any demand
    • Empower your data scientists
    • Optimized GPU usage
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Data Persistence on Akira AI Platform with Apache Ignite

Build on-premises secure data warehouse with Hadoop powered by Akira AI.

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Data platform with Apache Spark

Processing is deployed where the data lies, improving the speed, security and performance of the pipeline.

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Real-time data processing solution

On-premises deployment provides you the power and flexibility of designing your secure pipeline.

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ETL for Fast and Big Data

Data is exploding from in all directions, creating multiple channels of real-time and high velocity streams.

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Modern Data Integration

Akira AI is modern data integration platform, purpose-built for big data, hybrid data systems, and the cloud.

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Secure Data Pipeline

Secure data pipeline is built on agent based architecture keeping your data securely.

All in One Place

Akira AI Technologies Integrations

Akira AI provides freedom to work in desired data stack and programming language. Integrates well with NoSQL & Big Data ecosystem, traditional databases and business tools.

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    Data Sources & Connectors
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    Programming Languages
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    Popular Framework
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    Intelligence & Analysis Tools

Deploy As You Need

Akira AI provides public, private or hybrid mode of deployment. Choose the cloud platform that suits your enterprise requirements.

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Private Cloud

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Public Cloud

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Hybrid Cloud

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