Deliver exceptional LLM Apps and AI experience

Experimentation with Foundational Models on Jupyter Notebook

Prompt Versioning

Keep your experimentation track with our integrated prompt versioning tool so that you can track your experiments seamlessly.

Fine tuning your LLMs

Perform Finetuning of Foundational Model on your custom dataset. Use our Finetuning platform to get the best accuracy from your model.

Evaluate your LLMs

Evaluate your Finalized model with our evaluation services. We use Gen AI produced test cases and Human in feedback loop to evaluate your models.


Don't matter the topic and data sets

Our generative ai model have got your data covered.


Safeguard your LLM from security vulnerabilities

Secure your LLM application Data pipelines from data leakage.
Sheild your LLMs from prompt injections using our LLM protect services and lack of human alignment or misalignment.



Quality Assurance for LLM Applications

Test Critical AI safety parameters like Toxicity check, Robustness check and Resolve Privacy Issues before deploying.
Factual errors made by LLMs lead to serious distrust in the model, Monitor hallucinations on your model’s response.


Detect hidden vulnerabilities in your LLMs and make proactive decisions before deploying them safely in production environments

Test LLM for its Performance Bias, Unrobustness, Unethical Behaviour, Irrelevancy on our LLM evaluation staging environment before you deploy them to production.

Deploy on premises or on cloud LLM Applications

Deploy on premises for in house applications and on cloud providers AWS, Azure, GCP.
Observe key metrics for your LLM when running on production


Integrate with your platform Today

Integrate LLM endpoints, Api based model endpoints directly to your applicatoin workflow.
Seamlessly update LLM endpoints when doing experimentations.


Your Partner in Building Responsible and Secure AI


Composable Architecture

Design agile systems and infrastructure, assembling and disassembling components for precise customization to your unique business needs.


Seamless Integration

Effortlessly connect diverse components and systems for seamless integration and hassle-free interoperability through our interfaces.


Model Supply Chain Management

Improve model lifecycle management with a forward-thinking, end-to-end, and incremental approach from development to deployment.


Model Accelerators

Boost model development speed and efficiency with our tailored AI engineering services for acceleration.


Team Management

Our platform streamlines project and team management with versatile workspaces and precise permissions, enabling tailored, efficient collaboration.


Cloud Agnostic

Enhance your cloud strategy with our cloud-agnostic approach, unlocking the benefits of multiple providers for flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency.


Privacy By Design

Strengthen data protection and compliance with our Privacy By Design, embedding privacy from the core for proactive, effective lifecycle privacy.


White glove Support

Boost customer experience with our White Glove Support, delivering unmatched personalized assistance for top-quality care.

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