Deploy and Scale Machine Learning Applications in Production

Monitor, Govern and Validate ML-based applications

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Manage the Full Lifecycle of ML in Production

Akira AI enables Enterprises to efficiently streamline Machine learning cycles with solutions for automated deployment and administration of machine learning models.

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ML Health Monitoring

Automated Monitoring solutions empower Enterprises to understand and Proactively identify Performance and Operational Issues.

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Machine Learning Model Governance

With an Effective MLOps platform, companies can Establish cross-functional governance and achieve capabilities to audit, manage access control in real-time.


Experiment at scale

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End-to-End Machine Learning orchestration

Minimize the complexity of the AI lifecycle, enable Automated Pipeline Orchestration, and build AutoML capabilities.

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Visibility and Security

Solutions for empowering Real-Time data pipelines monitoring and security further facilitating data integrity.


Production-Grade MLOps Platform

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Productionizing Machine Learning Models with Containers

With Automated Model Containerization Solutions, Companies can reduce the Complexity of Manual Orchestration and govern machine learning models in production.

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Flexibility To Adapt

Build, deploy and manage end-to-end machine learning workflows at Scale.

Scale Machine Learning Applications in Production with Akira AI - MLOps Platform

Akira AI Platform enables you to Automate the infrastructure and deploy Deep Learning Models on Public Cloud as well as On-Premises.

    • Deploy any model in minutes
    • Advanced Monitoring
    • Autoscale to match any demand
    • Empower your data scientists
    • Optimized GPU usage
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ML Model Lifecycle Management

Akira AI provides MLOps capabilities enabled solutions for building, maintaining, and deploying Machine Learning Applications at Scale.

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Model Versioning and Iteration

Fully Managed MLOps platform that provides abilities to create a version of the model as required, provide notifications to users of the model about variations in version, and maintain model version history.

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Model Monitoring and Management

Monitoring enabled MLOps solutions to help control and manage the model's usage continuously and metrics including infrastructure monitoring.

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Model Discovery

MLOps platform provides model catalogs for models produced and a searchable model marketplace for supporting the user in observing several model metrics.

All in One Place

Multi-Platform Integration Solutions

Akira AI provides Integrations with leading Libraries, Platforms and Tools.

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    Data Sources & Connectors
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    Programming Languages
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    Popular Framework
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    Intelligence & Analysis Tools

Deploy As You Need

Deploy Scalable AI and Machine Learning applications on - Cloud,on-premises, Hybrid.

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Private Cloud

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Public Cloud

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Hybrid Cloud

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