Automate Using Agentic AI

Transform your workflows with Agentic AI, automating complex tasks to enhance precision and productivity.

Design complex workflows effortlessly using prompts in natural language.

Seamlessly connect AI agent with your existing databases for efficient data management.

Deploy Agentic Workflows swiftly to automate and optimize your operational processes.


Generative AI Agent Hub

Leverage a collection of pre-built generative AI agents to revolutionize your workflow with cutting-edge innovation.

Quickly deploy sophisticated generative AI agents without long development times.

Integrate generative AI agents into your current workflows for seamless operation.

Enhance operational efficiency with ready-to-use, high-performance generative AI workflows.


Seamless Integrations

Integrate generative AI agents seamlessly into your workflow for enhanced synergy and transformative functionality.

Achieve flawless and rapid integration of generative AI with your existing infrastructure.

Choose from a wide range available selections and integrate generative AI models tailored to various needs.

Implement user-friendly AI solutions with straightforward setup and operation.


Agent Lifecycle Management

Oversee the entire lifecycle of generative AI agents to ensure peak performance and continuous enhancement.

Ensure the safe and secure deployment of generative AI agents in your environment.

Utilize performance tracking and refinement for optimal results.

Ensure sustained performance and maximized ROI through efficient generative AI lifecycle management.

Drive Innovation with Akira Agentic AI


Data-Driven Decisions

Utilizes enterprise data, business processes, and runbooks to inform AI agents' decisions, optimizing outcomes based on your specific operational context.


System Integration

Seamlessly integrates with your enterprise systems via powerful automation-as-code AI Actions, enhancing workflow automation across your organization.


Interactive Collaboration

Engages directly with your teams through simple, intuitive conversational interfaces, making advanced AI tools accessible and user-friendly.


Transparent Operations

Ensures full visibility into AI operations with built-in observability, security, and auditing features, allowing you to understand and trust AI decisions.


Customizable Workflows

Allows for tailored AI workflows that adapt to your unique enterprise environment, ensuring flexibility and alignment with business needs.


Enhanced Compliance

Supports strict compliance protocols with advanced security measures and clear audit trails, maintaining high standards of data protection and regulatory adherence.

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