Our Story

Akira.ai launched in August 2023, we both partner in Life and profession driven by an obsession to build an AI system for augmenting the decisions and lives of human beings.

Today, we are a Team of mathematicians, Researchers, statisticians, and engineers with ambition that outsizes any challenge that comes our way. Our Diversity in Experience, background and perspective bring versatility to our approach to platform and solutions.


Who We are


Technology Enthusiasts and Researchers

The growth of people who are working with us as a Team is one of the core purposes of us.


Experimental Mindset

Our culture values ethics and integrity above all else. In every engagement, we work with transparency, candidness, and responsibility. It’s a promise and it matters.


Data Mavericks

Our clients’ success is how we measure our success. We believe in, and are committed to, the outcomes we promise. And we stand with our clients every step of the way.

Fostering a Cultivation Culture

We believe that cultivation behaviour comes from the desire to make abstract outcomes. Our Beliefs manifests in our action. Cultivation behaviour can be observed by others.

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Innovative Leadership Vision

Our leadership fosters an ecosystem promoting continuous experimentation, empowering community and regional growth. Our diverse environment aids in crafting Agile, Scalable platforms using industry-leading practices


Mr. Navay Singh Gill

Global CEO and Founder

A Tech Enthusiast with 18+ years of experience in Network Transformation, Big Data Engineering, and building Cloud Native applications. His Vision is to build Strong 500+ People by 2025 for Cloud Native transformation, DevSecOps, DataOps and ModelOps, and Cloud Native Security.


Dr. Jagrrit N Kaurr

Chief Research Officer (CRO) and Head of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum

Dr. Gill leads transformative AI initiatives at XenonStack, specializing in Generative AI for synthetic data, Conversational AI, and Intelligent Document Processing. With a focus on responsible AI frameworks, compliance, and data governance, she drives innovation and transparency in AI implementation.

Our Thought Leadership

Our leadership team is passionate about providing an ecosystem that embraces a continuous experimentation approach that empowers the growth of the community and region. Our diverse environment helps organizations build Agile and Scalable platforms that leverage industry-leading best practices.


Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for Decision Makers

Dr. Jagrrit N Kaurr

The Aim Of This Book Is To Help The Readers Understand The Concept Of Artificial Intelligence And Deep Learning Methods And Implement Them Into Their Businesses And Organizations.


Hyper Automation With Generative AI

By Mr. Navay Singh Gill

Generative AI is a type of AI that can generate new content and ideas, including conversations, stories, images, and videos.

Our Leaders Running Local Communities and Platform for Knowledge Sharing

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